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Ensuring high quality of our medicines and patient safety are top priorities for us

To assure quality of our products and services:


  • We have set up appropriate facilities that meet international quality standards for the proper storage of our pharmaceutical products
  • The operations of our Logistics Centre fully comply with a documented Quality Management System
  • All actions that can potentially affect quality, are planned and implemented according to established procedures, which have been developed based on the “in process” approach of the Quality Management System
  • All control data are analyzed and used to ensure that the distribution of our products abides by the EU legislation, that proper storage conditions are constantly met and that continuous improvement of the Quality Management System is achieved
  • We apply a comprehensive pharmacovigilance system for reporting and managing any adverse effects associated with any of our products
  • ​We have developed an efficient Risk & Crisis Management System to address any emergency situation and ensure smooth delivery of our services to our customers


Our company has appointed a Quality Manager with the authority and organizational independence to ensure that the Quality System is operated and observed according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, as well as the statutory guidelines and legislation.

The Quality Manager is also responsible for the management of Product Technical Complaints. 

A Product Technical Complaint is defined as any report implying product failure in regards to labeling, identity, strength, purity, quality, or stability or possible product incompatibility with its specifications. 
If you wish to report a Product Technical Complaint please contact: