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At GENESIS Pharma, since the first day our company was founded, we believe that our performance and growth prospects are linked to the dynamics of our people.

This is why we wish to retain, inspire and develop our most capable employees and at the same time attract new talent.

Our HR values, practices and programs are intended to respond to our employees' needs and expectations and provide a working environment where everyone can feel secure and creative. Ultimately, we want our company to be a role model for our people so that they can find motivation, meaning and moral satisfaction in their work every day.

Equal Opportunities and Non Discrimination Policy 

For us, promoting equal opportunities and avoiding any type of discrimination are non-negotiable principles. The company ensures that no discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or any other criterion is accepted, designing all processes, actions and policies related to human resources based on the principle of equal opportunities.

There is no wage discrimination between men and women. The level of remuneration is determined solely by the position requirements and the employee’s qualifications and experience.

It is worth mentioning that our company, committed to the principle of equal treatment of all employees, provides the same benefits and amenities, both to full-time and to part-time employees.

Since our founding, there have been no complaints or reports regarding cases of discrimination.

Human and Labor Rights
Respect for human rights and ensuring compliance with the fundamental freedoms and human rights are an undeniable commitment of us.

All our employees have equal opportunities regarding remuneration, development and evolution without making any discrimination based on racial, religious or other differences. In addition, any form of harassment or violence is expressly prohibited, while there are procedures, guidelines and mechanisms to ensure prevention of such phenomena within the workplace.

Our employees are free to participate in strikes and employees who are trade union members are free to attend events organized by their unions.

Our company, with full respect to human rights, does not employ persons under the legal age limit and none of its activities poses risk of child labor incidents. Moreover, we do not carry out activities that involve risk of forced or compulsory labor incidents.