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The integrated program of practices, benefits and incentives that has been applied over the years is based on the analysis of the human resources key issues and concerns the absolute total 100% of our employees. Through this program, our goal is to provide employees with a work environment where they can feel secure and creative. At the same time, we are committed to a system of values ​​that governs our working relationships based on respect, trust, equal opportunities and meritocracy.
It is a program that we evaluate annually with satisfaction surveys.

The core pillars of our HR program are:


The educational programs focus on the professional empowerment as well as the personal development of our people:
Professional development and empowerment: our goal is to identify the skills and knowledge our people need to have, the points for improvement and to develop and empower them in order to become more effective in their role.
​Personal development: we recognize that employees’ professional progress is inextricably linked to their personal development. To this end we make sure to design and implement training programs aiming to meet wider educational needs that are not only directly and closely related to their business objective scope. Training includes both internal and external courses from certified third party providers 

​For us in GENESIS Pharma, the concept of recognition and reward has both moral and material meaning.We give all employees opportunities to be promoted, based on their performance and contribution to the company, regardless of their current position. This ensures that all employees have the opportunity to contribute, to be assessed and can expect recognition for their achievements. 33% of employees hired since the founding of the company have been promoted, with women representing 43% of those employees. We have adopted a compensation and benefits scheme that places our employees among the best rewarded of the pharmaceutical market and includes a variety of fringe benefits for 100% of our employees. The company fully respects the Collective Labor Agreements, which are exceeded regarding the level of salaries provided thereof. 94.7% of employees are paid at 120-350% of the contract and only 5.3% of employees are paid at 100-120% of the contract. 
  • We ensure our facilities meet the necessary safety standards and have appointed a person in charge of buildings’ control and maintenance.
  • We provide medical care space and employ an Occupational Physician.
  • From the very first day of work, we provide all employees with health insurance for themselves and their family, which includes life and accident insurance, hospital and outpatient care due to accident or illness.
  • We fully cover outpatient treatment expenses up to the amount of € 2,500 for expenses incurred by accident. This provision applies to employees and their dependents 24 hours a day for 7 days a week. The hospital and outpatient care is provided to all staff and family members without any charge from the part of the employee.
  • We provide hospital and outpatient insurance for hospitalization occurring from hazardous occupations outside work (e.g., hobbies) for employees and their dependents.
  • We fully cover annual Check Up costs.
  • We have installed PC screens to reduce radiation and we have developed ergonomic work spaces.
  • We carry out educational awareness programs on health issues that include presentations and lectures by prominent professionals on critical issues, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, smoking, cancer.
  • We carry out building evacuation drills and organize educational programs on emergency response, fire safety, fire protection, fire fighting, earthquake address, terrorism, bomb threat, protection from electricity, etc.
  • Regular controls are performed in all office buildings and warehouses by the occupational physician and the safety technician for continuous improvement of the working environment.

  • We monitor specific Health and Safety indicators, in order to evaluate and continuously improve our practices. Among others, the number of working days lost is monitored, with categorization of sick leave, maternity leave and annual leave. Over the past three years, not one employee injury or accident has occurred. Furthermore, there have been no reported cases of occupational diseases.
Family and balance between professional and personal life is essential to the welfare of our employees and is something we take very seriously into consideration. The Management is truly interested in the employees’ well being and proves it by applying benefits suggestive of the company’s respect to the particularities of specific groups of employees but also to the needs of each individual employee.
  • ​We fully support our employees' families with various benefits, such as wedding gifts, nursery allowance until the child becomes three years old, reward bonus for children who succeed in University exams, occasional paid leaves during Christmas and Easter periods, in order for them to spend as much time as possible with their families; we also support working mothers by providing exceptional payment for childbirth expenses, full pay during pregnancy leave regardless of the social insurance funds  benefits, and five days in addition to the annual leave for three years.
  • We support our people in difficult personal moments, both morally and practically. The company offers all employees the opportunity for interest-free loans of up to € 3,000 should they face a difficult economic situation, paid leaves in emergencies and full salary payment in case of illness, regardless of and in addition to the sick fund benefits, for one month per calendar year