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It is our duty to behave responsibly in all our actions.
For a company whose mission is inextricably bound to the improvement of health and human life, it could not be otherwise. 

For us at GENESIS Pharma, corporate responsibility is at the core of our corporate culture and daily operations.

Professionalism, transparency and accountability have always been the values that define our relationships with our employees, our partners, medical community and patients, as well as society at large. We are committed to substantially contributing beyond our legal and regulatory obligations to all our stakeholders, to all those who are directly or indirectly affected by our activities. It's a commitment we consciously made and serve with consistency.

Stakeholder mapping

During the last years, we have worked systematically in order to solidify our commitment and create a CSR strategic framework which has enabled us to move more resolutely towards achieving our CR goals and reinforce our positive footprint across all parties. We have opened dialogue with primary stakeholders in order to map their expectations; we have developed a series of initiatives and practices and set goals for future commitment for each target-group and core pillar.

 GENESIS Pharma stakeholder mapping

Based on the model of stakeholders’ relationship management, we aim at a high level of communication and collaboration with them, based on honesty and transparency. This is a dynamic process that includes: cooperation  with our international partners , annual satisfaction surveys of physicians, hospitals and wholesalers, annual employee satisfaction survey, dialogue with patient associations etc.