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Our top priority responsibility issues towards the Greek pharmaceutical market are categorized into three pillars:

​Α. Responsible management of our pharmaceutical products 
  • We ensure the best quality of our pharmaceutical products during their Import, Storage, Distribution and Sales  See also: Logistics 
  • We monitor our products’ safety during their use  ​
 See also: Pharmacovigilance

Β. Responsibility towards the patients 
  • We work so that each patient has direct access to our products 

Our company, taking into account the obligation and responsibility towards Greek patients, always executes all orders and has not proceeded to any drugs withdrawal.
Furthermore, we make every effort to deliver our pharmaceutical products in every part of the country within 24 hours.

  • We invest in importing medicines for rare diseases

Biotechnology has brought a revolution mainly in rare diseases. We have chosen to invest in biotechnology because we believe that our duty towards patients suffering from such life-threatening diseases is even higher. Greek patients should enjoy equal access to healthcare and to this end we work every day.

  • We stand by patient associations at their day-to-day efforts

As part of our social contribution, we systematically support patient organizations so that they can seamlessly offer their services to patients

C. Building and maintaining relationships of trust with our stakeholders in the marketplace 
Our commitment is to develop and maintain relationships of responsibility and mutual trust with all our partners in the market chain: medical and scientific community, public healthcare entities, our customers in the distribution network, our suppliers, patients. To this end, we take all necessary actions to ensure: 

  • Responsible promotion of our prescription medicines

All our medications are prescription drugs and information, promotion and advertising of these medicines is exclusively addressed to health care professionals (physicians, pharmacists, etc.) and in no way to the general public.

We work together with health care professionals to provide them with reliable, comprehensive and scientific information on drug composition, mode of action and effectiveness, according to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the national regulatory framework. We provide detailed medical data generated from clinical research and disease specific detailed aids, we carry out presentations and special informative programs, we organize satellite symposia and conferences with foreign and Greek distinguished scientists and speakers.

For us, this process is extremely critical, since biotech therapies are products of advanced technology. It is a procedure that typically starts with the comprehensive and ongoing training of our own people, while our Medical Division works closely with marketing and sales executives to continually monitor the scientific validity of the communication and promotional material distributed.

  • Compliance with regulatory and legislative framework

We operate in full compliance with statutory national and European legislation while our compliance is monitored and controlled via internal Compliance System, aligned with the strictest compliance systems of our global partners.