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We work every day to ensure a better quality of life and offer hope to patients suffering from severe diseases and their families. It is a mission that can not be limited to our strict business operation. Therefore, we systematically invest in initiatives that aim to broadly protect human life and make it better in many ways. 

For this reason:
  • We support numerous patient associations and finance medical and clinical research
  • We support social programs and actions designed to strengthen vulnerable social groups, in collaboration with non-profit organizations, institutions and associations
  • We support conferences, seminars, workshops and other awareness and education activities related to modern business practices, with particular emphasis on activities that help young entrepreneurship. We systematically support the presence of distinguished speakers-professors in our country, many of which rank among the top at international level in various fields

Our goal for the future is not only to be consistent in the actions being implemented, but also to strengthen our program every year, so that our interventions meet the growing needs of society and appeal to more people in need.