Health is the main pillar of our social contribution program. Supporting Patient Associations working for chronic and rare diseases, but also implementing awareness campaigns on crucial health issues, are the main ways of making that contribution a reality.

Patient Associations 
The support that Patient Associations offer to people who suffer from life-threatening disease is exceptional while the needs that arise in achieving their goals are quite big. At GENESIS Pharma, we support Patient Associations with respect to their work and with the sole purpose to help them so that they can unconditionally offer their services to Greek patients.

Τhe list  with patients’ associations that have been supported by GENESIS Pharma is available in the Greek section of our website.

Awareness campaigns on health issues
We strongly believe that raising awareness and endorsing prevention is a major step towards a healthier life. Therefore, we actively participate in public awareness campaigns related to major health and safety issues.

On the occasion of the World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day on May 27, 2015, our company supported the awareness campaign implemented by the Patient Organization “MS Association Hellas” held in the heart of Athens, in Syntagma Square. Healthcare professionals and members of the Association informed the public about the disease at the MS information booth that was specially created for the Day, while the Association’s volunteers and friends invited everyone to "share their positive energy" through a creative interactive activity with the message "Together in every step". Hundreds of people participated in the activity throughout the day writing wishes and messages for MS patients on a special construction wall that was lit up after the sunrise in the symbolic orange color of the World MS Day, giving light and energy in the Square. Representatives of the scientific community, arts and sports joint the activity and “shared their energy” with patients and the public. In addition, during May, which has been established as the MS awareness month, a social tv campaign was created by the MS Association Hellas with our support.
In 2014, GENESIS Pharma joined forces with the Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Study Group (GIC-SG and the Association of Cancer Patients, Volunteers, Friends and Physicians (Anticancer Athens, in a collective effort to raise stakeholders’ and public awareness on pancreatic cancer. This Greek initiative is part of a coordinated international effort of Patient Associations and Organizations that aims to cover the huge information gap existing worldwide about this highly threatening type of cancer, which is currently affecting 103,773 patients in Europe.
This international effort began with the 1st World Pancreatic Cancer Day on November 13, 2014. At the same time, this coordinated awareness initiative of GIC-SG (EM-KAPES) and Anticancer Athens with the full support of GENESIS Pharma was launched in our country, as well. The first priorities of the Greek initiative are the establishment of a Patient Registry, implementation of electronic information platform for pancreatic cancer and implementation of public awareness activities.
Since 2009, GENESIS Pharma has been implementing a public education program on the importance of drivers’ good health in safe driving, as a member of the “Roads to the Future” Alliance, a partnership of the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” with the private sector to promote responsible behavior on the road. In the scope of the axis “Good Health for Safe Driving”, GENESIS Pharma has designed and implemented an awareness and educational program aiming to highlight the significance of drivers’ good health and the ways that their health condition can affect their driving ability and safety on the road. With the collaboration of the Institute and scientific advisors, the company has published leaflets for somnolence and its symptoms while driving, and for elderly drivers.