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Health is the main pillar of our social contribution program. Supporting Patient Associations working for chronic and rare diseases, but also implementing awareness campaigns on crucial health issues, are the main ways of making that contribution a reality.

Patient Associations 
The support that Patient Associations offer to people who suffer from life-threatening disease is exceptional while the needs that arise in achieving their goals are quite big. At GENESIS Pharma, we support Patient Associations with respect to their work and with the sole purpose to help them so that they can unconditionally offer their services to Greek patients.

Τhe list  with patients’ associations that have been supported by GENESIS Pharma is available in the Greek section of our website.

Awareness campaigns on health issues
We strongly believe that raising awareness and endorsing prevention is a major step towards a healthier life. Therefore, we implement disease awareness initiatives and support organizations that implement awareness campaigns. Among the fields for which we have implemented awareness actions are multiple sclerosis, cancer, iron deficiency, but also rare genetic diseases.