At GENESIS Pharma, we believe in the power of young people to create a better future especially if they are enabled to develop skills and knowledge. This is why, we wish to contribute towards the creation of more and equal opportunities for education. In this context, support educational programs, we undertake our own initiatives that provide education opportunities to children and young people and reward excellence.

A joint initiative with the NGO Euroscience, that aims to support schools of our country's remote areas with computers and school and municipal libraries with books and training material.
In addition to donations we make as GENESIS Pharma, we make a systematic effort to inform other companies and the public to gather functioning computers that are no longer used. Skilled Euroscience technicians undertake to fully upgrade these computers so that they are equal to a state-of-the-art computer. In collaboration with municipal authorities and teachers near the borders of Greece, we record needs and send those computers as donations to schools and municipalities. In parallel, we buy educational books or collect used but in good condition books and offer them to school and public libraries.

So far, our Program has traveled to18 border islands, and schools in the mainland fully covering needs in computers and books from donations of our company and other supporters.
Detailed information about the Program is available at
In the academic year 2013-2014, we rewarded students of the University of Economics that received the Excellent Performance Award of the Marketing & Communication Postgraduate Department with monetary awards.