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GENESIS Pharma: Gold Award for its performance in corporate responsibility
For the sixth consecutive year GENESIS Pharma is awarded in the National Corporate Responsibility Index-CR Index, receiving its second Gold award. This long-term presence in the Index as well as the improved scores that the company has achieved over the years signify its strong commitment to corporate responsibility.
GENESIS Pharma implements an integrated CR program with four main objectives: offer high quality services and products, maintain a good working environment, adopt green practices and contribute to the society mainly by supporting Patient Associations and vulnerable groups as well as by creating opportunities for the young generation. It is a commitment that involves all employees and is expanding every year, with new policies and initiatives that address the expectations of healthcare professionals, its people and the society at large.
At the ceremony, held by the Institute of Corporate Responsibility, Mr. Constantinos Evripides, CEO stated: “We believe that creating added value for our stakeholders is a basic requirement for successful business. We have built honest and transparent relationships in our market, with our people, our partners and stakeholders and we have been working with integrity, professionalism and responsibility over the years; these values have rewarded us with trust and support. For us, this is the most significant reward for the work done in GENESIS Pharma in terms of CR. Besides that, our long-term presence in the Index makes us happy as it underlines that our efforts are on the right direction. For the future, our goal is not only to meet, but surpass our stakeholders’ expectations as well as the high expectations we have ourselves from our company”.