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Platinum Award for GENESIS Pharma in the Greek Corporate Responsibility Index
  • GENESIS Pharma is among the most awarded companies in Greece for its CSR performance.
  • This year the company received the Platinum CR Index Award and the distinction "Best Progress Award" for its improving performance.
Athens, 06.29.2020 – GENESIS Pharma won the Platinum Award for its CSR performance for 2019-2020 in the Greek Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index) by the Corporate Responsibility Institute. The company also received the "Best Progress Award" demonstrating the greater progress in its category, as an acknowledgment of its growing investment and improving performance in sustainable practices and social contribution activities.
During the CR Index process, independent experts evaluate the CSR performance of the participating companies and their impact on society, the environment, the market and the workplace, based on international standards and criteria. GENESIS Pharma is among the most awarded companies in Greece for its CSR performance, as it was the first pharmaceutical company to participate and be awarded in the index since 2009.

Mr. Konstantinos Evripides, CEO stated: "Our systematic approach and long term commitment in corporate responsibility have helped us to be constantly present in the National CR Index. Working with integrity and quality and creating added value for the medical community, the patients, our people and our international partners lay at the heart of our growth strategy. At the same time, we are constantly strengthening our social contribution initiatives that are related to health & prevention issues, as well as the support of children and the young generation, mainly in aspects such as education and equal opportunities. Finally, we always try to respond to urgent social needs, such as our recent donations of equipment to the National Health System and the support of tailored activities implemented by Patient Associations due to the current coronavirus health crisis. In total, our socio-economic footprint exceeds 30% of our turnover annually”.

A social contribution programme focusing on health issues and the young generation
GENESIS Pharma has been operating and growing over time, ensuring that the management and handling of its high-tech medicines meet the strictest guidelines and that patients have direct access to their therapy. Fostering an excellent working environment -which is one of the most awarded in Greece- and applying a responsible environmental policy, are also key priorities. In addition, for more than 15 years, the company has been supporting numerous patient associations and organizations that serve patients and undertakes disease awareness activities, mainly for multiple sclerosis and cancer. At the same time, it implements programs addressed to children and the young generation mainly related to education, rewarding excellence and promoting sports. Indicatively, GENESIS Pharma implements the long-term programme 'Generous School' for infrastructure upgrades and small scale renovation of schools in the Attica region and the programme 'Generous Knowledge' through which schools in remote islands and areas all over Greece are supported with educational technology equipment. The company has been also participating in the Programme ‘DIATROFI (Nutrition)’ implemented by the Prolepsis Institute to address child food insecurity. Through ‘DIATROFI’, GENESIS Pharma has offered 40,260 healthy meals to more than 450 children in schools of Attica during the last years. Finally, its employees also contribute significantly to the company’s social commitment, via the voluntary team GENEROUS, created to help NGOs and institutions in need.