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We ensure that quality of our products is observed at every stage by applying storage and distribution systems of advanced technology. 

GENESIS Pharma Logistics Centre is located in Athens and operates by the strict GDP (Good Distribution Practice) standards of the European Medicines Agency (EMEA). It is certified with ISO 9001-2015 BVQI/UKAS, capable of ensuring proper storage, preservation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, which are extremely sensitive to external conditions of temperature and humidity and for which storage and transport require very stringent specifications

High Specifications Storage Systems

The Logistics Centre is equipped with high-tech cooling/dehumidification and air conditioning systems as well as an integrated monitoring system that records storage conditions 24-7, 365 days a year, allowing emergency conditions, such as power outages, floods etc to be managed effectively. It also monitors and records distribution throughout Greece per lot, quantity, destination and delivery time, by utilizing the internationally recognized (ERP) SAP R/3 industrial software.
The Logistics Centre may carry out orders all over Greece within 24 hours.

Strict Distribution Standards 


For us, the process of product distribution is highly significant and crucial. Thus, we have established several validation methods to ensure proper and timely delivery of products:

a) Validation Study of the packaging used for shipping refrigerated products: This study is carried out by a specialized company and includes measurements documenting that the packaging ensures transport conditions required for product shipping.

b) Contract with a courier company for delivery of orders within 24 hours.

c) Order Delivery Tracking. All deviations from the estimated time of delivery are recorded.

d) Letters to customers with handling instructions upon product delivery. The company wishes to be informed in case of any problems upon product delivery.

e) Random checks with on-site visits to customers by the Quality Manager in order to check delivery and storage status of the products.

f) Special handling instructions (e.g., storage conditions, fragile etc.) of pharmaceutical products are attached on the outer packaging of shipped products.

g) Checks with on site visits to GENESIS Pharma subdistributors and local offices by the Quality Manager in order to monitor the way of storing and distributing the company's products to all countries in which the system is run.