On the initiative of the European Commission to strengthen transparency in the pharmaceutical industry and the relevant initiative of the local associations members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), pharmaceutical companies are now subject to Obligation to disclose benefits to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations.
Disclosure 2015

Disclosure 2016

Disclosure HCPs 2015- English | Оповестяване на предоставяне на стойност на медицински специалисти (МС) Английски
Disclosure HCPs 2015 - Bulgarian | Оповестяване на предоставяне на стойност на медицински специалисти (МС) Български 

Disclosure 2016 - English | Оповестяване 2016 Английски
Disclosure 2016 - Bulgarian | Разкриване 2016 Български
Methodology English | Методология Английски
Methodology Bulgarian  | Методика български

Disclosure 2016- follow the link | Dezvăluiri 2016 – vă rugam accesați linkul http://www.anm.ro/anmdm/med_publicitate_declaratii.html
Methodology English  | Metodologie engleză
Methodology Romanian  | Metodologie românesc

Disclosure 2016 - English |  Objavljivanje 2016 - Engleski
Disclosure 2016 - Croatian | Objavljivanje 2016 - Hrvatski
Methodology English | Metodologija Engleski
Methodology Croatian | Metodologija Hrvatski

This Publication aims at reporting the values (monetary or in-kind) to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations following the objectives and provisions included in both the EFPIA disclosure code and applicable local association codes. These publications do not grant permission for those accessing our website or the national platforms to undertake additional processing of the healthcare professionals’ data. For a good understanding of the reporting included in our disclosures as published on this website, we refer to the Methodology that clarifies the meaning and content of the transfers of value reported.